What I am Saying

Art literally surrounds us in the modern world. It can be found in all the first-world signage that envelopes us every day; from the artwork on your cereal box, to the UI and UX of the websites we visit … from the billboards on the street, to the icons and interface of the phones to which we adhere. Commercial Art (Graphic Design) is ever-present. Virtually every human-made thing you see (buildings to furniture to phone), has been through Photoshop (and probably sketched and painted before that!). Signage shouts to us everywhere, and people seem both accepting, and oblivious. Art bombards us; to direct us, warn us, identify, and sell to us. Art, (even Commercial Art), is both a mirror that reflects our world, and a window that invites us into another; in order to engage us in some form of communication.

Working Methods

I generally utilize two different methods when I create a work; whether it is started immediately, or if I initiate it later. If the idea is complex (perhaps a page layout, or a graphic containing many textual elements and references), or if I realize that I will not be starting it now; I will make many handwritten notes about the project and possibly thumbnail sketches in an idea book I keep running.

I also sketch with a stylus and maintain a set of notes on my phone and computer regarding both detailed ideas, and general goals (i.e. “Portfolio needs: more 3D Visualization,” “Interactive programs needed,” or “Do Product Photos using soft boxes”).

Often, I will have an idea, fire up Photoshop or another application, or pick up a brush and canvas, and just dive in, and begin creating. The process of creation is always exciting, particularly when “happy accidents” occur, and I can “go with the flow” to see where it leads. Hopefully I don’t “drown,” when making those decisions.


From where do the ideas originate? To this day; I do not understand that magic. Perhaps my hand is guided...


I enjoy working in many different mediums. I love both digital DSLR photography for its limitless possibilities (Lightroom etc.), and black and white film photography for the gravitas and texture possible. I have used film and video, animation, mixed media, collage, graphite, charcoal, pen & ink, acrylic and oil painting, and of course; digital media is a delight. The Header background image on these pages is a digital abstract painting I did.

The possibilities are endless; as analog works can be scanned in and enhanced, or digital media can be printed (and then painted on, and re-digitized back into the computer). I have been an artist all my life, but I have a strong background in filmmaking, having produced corporate videos, children’s films, documentaries, animations, and experimental films for many years.

Photo album

Please contact me to review a non-digital portfolio, and have a chat in-person. Alternatively, let's connect on LinkedIn. Cheers.