Light Writing

Give Me A Sign. Like the prophets of old, who were purported to speak to God, and ask for a “sign”... I now inquire “What does the world say to us?” The answer: plenty. Signs are literally the messages we see every day. We are submerged in signs. We obey them, we ignore them, we disobey them. In many instances, we seem to be unaware of them. Our languages, in combination with pictorial icons, are the condensed lingua franka that bombard us incessantly; and direct us, warn us, identify, and sell to us. Who are these communicators? Signs have been ever-present, since the dawn of hominids. However, the few religious and social icons, (along with the footwear hanging from a trading stall that identified the owner as one who sold and repaired shoes), have evolved and mutated into the first-world, immersive signage experience we live in today. Signage shouts to us everywhere, and people seem both accepting, and oblivious. We merrily, and blithely, live in a world that Gives Us A Sign. A selection of images by Andrew Timmins. Everything from Photo Restoration and Food / Product Photography, to creative Digital or Black and White Film. Please contact me to have a chat in-person.

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