Digital Cinema

I have a strong background in film, having created Corporate Videos for my company Kingsway Dynamic Media for many years. I produce movies and animations from start to finish; research, scripting, filming, to post production and multimedia. Clients include folks from all walks of life, from one-man-bands to Fortune-500 companies. Plus, I have produced Documentaries, Children's Films, and Self-Published ventures.

Most of our information is gleaned from computers and television. The images we see are in motion, but are they truly dynamic? Does it excite and engage? The images are moving, but do they really “move the audience?” This isn’t just important for Hollywood Films or Fortune 100 Websites. Whether company marketing, or a Calypso band, your message must succeed. To be retained, your message must be tuned to the wants and needs of the target audience. Herein; a selection of films, and a short demo-reel; dynamic excerpts culled from past Digital Cinema programs. PLUS! other fun, Animated Shorts, Motion Graphics, and Visual Effects sequences! Please contact me to discuss these films and animations further.

Please contact me to review a non-digital portfolio, and have a chat in-person. Alternatively, let's connect on LinkedIn. Cheers.